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Summer Variety Show - 'It's Goona Be A Great Show'

N.O.D.A. (East) Review
by Susan DuPont - Region 5 Representative


It's Goona Be A Great Show

Les Miles

Tim Rock

The Corn Exchange King’s Lynn 

Saturday 31st August - Sunday 1st September 2013

What a huge commitment from all involved in the production: performers and helpers and technicians should all be congratulated on the achievements as seen on stage and the confidence and skills gained through workshops and performance; the audience really enjoyed this mixed variety show. Great to see the mix of ages and abilities all contributing to the finished product with the stage filled by the Company in so many numbers of song and movement, and to see their enthusiasm and enjoyment in participation.

A good mix of ‘turns’ with the ‘Gert and Daisy’ sequences as the link to cover any scene or costume changes, good comedy especially the ‘Tribute to the Goons’ spot. ‘Whose workshop is it anyway’ was an excellent sequence of three acting and improvisation episodes giving and gaining the three groups some clever characterisations and differing atmospheric moods and styles and offering all the cast members a chance to shine for their moment in the spotlight. The ‘not so nice spice girls’ was a moment to let down the hair and have a laugh at the ‘in drag’ male members of the cast and they certainly seemed to enjoy themselves. And how the entire company erupted into action and dance and song with their energetic ‘Tribute to Status Quo’, a great time had by all and filled with movement and enthusiasm.

The second half began with an excellent interpretation and rendition of the story of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, loved the gangs of Montagues and Capulets in their lines, loved the leads in their acting and characterisations and good speaking, this piece really captured the feel of the original and offered ‘proper’ theatre to the mixed ages of the group. A very professional spot from Sharon Yates with ‘Cry me a River and He’s a Tramp’ amongst the other sketches and spots. Just loved the very striking atmospheric mood, the movement and positioning and final tableau of the dance ‘Remember Me’. And perhaps the favourite of all in the huge cast and in the audience (some of whom did enjoy joining in) was the block of numbers by ABBA which just gave excitement and energy and fun with the movement and singing and total performance commitment to all those in the Corn Exchange, truly excellent as a finale.

Thank you so much for allowing us to join you and we look forward to seeing another production in the future. 


Susan DuPont